On Any Network In Any Year Past 2020, This Behavior Would Get Neil Cavuto Fired

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    Neil Cavuto has to consider himself a lucky guy. It’s a very small piece of the American media pie where his self-righteous, ignorant disdain is still acceptable. On any other network, and in any time more than (probably) 10 years into the future, he’d be fired. At the very least, he’d have to deliver a significant, genuine apology for being so flippant and disrespectful of another human being’s lifestyle.

    From his initial question of “What the hell is going on?” to his almost unfathomable remark that the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner means we are in “Rome, final days,” Cavuto outs himself as a confused and uncomfortable bigot, who is being left behind by a world that is (fortunately) changing quickly, and for the better.

    Now, though it is unlikely that Cavuto himself will see this article, I still want to point out that I don’t think that he is necessarily a bad person. I realize that many white men (of which I am one) of an older generation (of which I am not) came of age during a time when the “man’s man” was a symbol of a good, honest American.

    I get it, man. Steve McQueen was awesome. Sure, he wished he was a woman from time to time. Who doesn’t? But he kept it to his damn self. That’s what a real man does. We push down all our inner desires and only let them come out on short drives home after we’ve dropped our kids off at soccer practice. That’s the only time a real man can let out his tears over how he wishes he had a vagina. If Steve McFuckingQueen can do it, goddamn it, so can you.

    But this isn’t the 1970s anymore, Cavuto. So if you don’t want to get fired in about five years, I’d like you to understand the following very simple things about our world. And I’m going to do it in gif form because we’re in 2015 and that’s how we communicate!

  • Understand that the world is always growing and changing

  • And societies become more liberal over time anyway

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  • Don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world.

    You'll be fine
  • All people are different – and that’s a good thing!

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  • So, the next time you feel like publicly shaming someone over their identity, be a man’s man and keep it to your damn self.

    Shut up 1
  • Chandler shutup friends
  • Shut up
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  • Thank you, Neil Cavuto. You may return to your regularly scheduled right-wing snarkery.

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