Man Holds Plank For Over 5 Hours, Breaking Your Previous Record By Over 5 Hours

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    I wanted to compare myself to George Hood so I just tried an abdominal plank. I probably could have continued for a little longer, but after a minute I said “nuts to this” and stopped and settled back in to another several hours of sitting and staring and moving my fingers occasionally – it’s what I get paid for.

    Anyway, George Hood is a 57-year-old man from Carlsbad, Calif., who just set a new world record for the longest-held abdominal plank. He did it for five hours and 15 minutes. Yeah, think about watching The Avengers twice back-to-back, and holding a plank the entire time.

    He broke the previous world record of four hours and 23 minutes (who was that pussy?) and did it all to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund, which raises money to support wounded members of the armed forces.

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