Red Hot Nickel Ball Finally Meets its Match

Nothing has been able to stand up to the burning ball's heat, until now
By Bailey Johnson
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  • So far, nothing has been able to withstand the fiery fury of the red hot nickel ball. Carsandwater have been dropping nickel balls onto innocent substances for years. In the end, everything either burns, melts or crumbles. Until now! We may not know what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, but now we know what happens when a red hot nickel ball meets its match. Behold: the hockey puck!

    Some of the more scientifically minded among us may not be surprised that vulcanized rubber is able to stand up to the nickel ball’s head. But it’s still impressive how little damage the burning ball does. That hockey puck is still playable!

    It’s an exciting day for those of us who’ve watched red not nickel balls destroy all in their path. And an exciting day for science!