Chrissy Chambers (of BriaAndChrissy) TAKES DOWN Revenge Porn

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    YouTube fans know Chrissy Chambers as one half of the singing duo BriaAndChrissy, whose music and comedy-themed channel has racked up an impressive 350,000 subscribers. They may also know about Chrissy’s romance with her songwriting partner, Bria Kam, which the duo shares on their second channel, Our Lesbian Love.

    But until recently, no one knew that Chrissy has also been a victim of so-called “revenge porn,” after an ex-boyfriend from the UK posted 6 sexually explicit videos featuring her following their breakup.

    Now, Chrissy has courageously decided to not only go public, but fight back, taking her ex to court in the UK for the crimes of malicious communications and harassment. (In April, the UK actually made posting revenge porn a criminal offense, but because Chrissy’s ex posted his video BEFORE this new law was passed, he won’t be prosecuted.) She’s also hoping to file a civil suit for for invasion of privacy, breach of a duty of confidence and harassment.

    The BriaAndChrissy channel posted the above video this morning, detailing Chrissy’s situation, and also featuring a speech she gave at the first-ever Revenge Porn Seminar, held in London this past April. In it, she describes both her initial reaction to having her privacy invaded, and also the ongoing trauma that the incident has caused her.

    Regardless of the outcome, Chrissy’s legal action is making history, marking the first-ever revenge porn case in which the complainant and suspect come from different jurisdictions. (Chrissy currently lives in the US.)

    And she’s not stopping there! Chrissy has also started a petition on encouraging members of the US Congress to pass anti-revenge porn legislation.

    As she says on the petition page: “The reality is that what happened to me was a form of sexual assault, and it should be treated that way by the law. No one should be able to get away with posting explicit photos or videos of another person without their consent, or profiting off running a website that hosts that content.”

    Chrissy also spoke to The Guardian today about her experience and decision to pursue legal action against her ex. Troublingly, she describes some of the reactions to her revelation from her young female fans:

    “We had these 14-year-old girls that we’ve been trying to inspire writing [to] us and saying: ‘I had so much respect for you and now you’re a porn star. You’re such a slut. How could I respect you?’”

    The impact the situation has had on the community around BriaAndChrissy, both emotional and financial, helped motivate her decision to fight back.

    As Chrissy’s attorney, Ann Olivarius,told the Guardian: “You have to be able to go after money damages in a civil context to be able to try to stop this problem. Money is the currency of how we achieve justice, that’s the measurement.”

    Watch our exclusive interview with Chrissy Chambers and Bria Kam:

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    Sign their petition to ensure revenge porn becomes a punishable crime in the U.S.

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