Dear World, Stop Daring People to Eat Ghost Peppers

Young boy eats a ghost pepper, begs for death, reminds us to never ever eat this horrible pepper
By Bailey Johnson
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  • People of the world, stop eating ghost peppers! Why do you keep doing that? They are so obviously not meant for human consumption! Look at the kid in this video. He had his whole life ahead of him! I mean, he still does. But watch the agony on his face as he begs for death after eating one tiny sliver of the evil ghost pepper.

    Also known as the Bhut jolokia, the ghost pepper is one of if not the hottest peppers in the world. On the Scoville heat scale, designed to measure spicy food, the ghost pepper clocks in at over ONE MILLION. (A jalapeno sits around 3,000 Scoville units.) The boys over at Good Mythical Morning call it, “the toe of Satan.”

    This is all a long way of saying: Don’t do it! Don’t put this demon food in your mouth! Nothing good can come from it. Except the videos. We do love us some ghost pepper reaction videos.