Gigantic Pinball Machine “Galactic Dimension” has Some Truly Galactic Dimensions

20-foot tall pinball machine is fully playable
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Pinball is fun. Giant pinball is funner. That’s the idea behind this game/art installation called “Galactic Dimension”. The dimensions of this huge pinball machine are indeed galactic: the playing field is nearly 20 feet long and 9 feet wide. This handmade machine features all the bright lights and chipper noises of your typical pinball machine. (We particularly like the dancing disco doll.) The game was created by artist Niklas Roy for Phaeno, a science museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.

    There are, of course, no parts for giant pinball machines, so Roy had to create everything himself. He describes his process: “As a science center should stimulate creativity and inventiveness, I repurposed everyday items like hair dryers and office fans for the playfield elements, giving the visitors the idea that they could also build such a contraption at home.

    The result is a fully playable machine, operated via a control desk where the score is displayed on a jumbo calculator. Needless to say – hunting the high score is galactic fun!”