Watch This YouTuber Wear a Beard of Bees, Then Remove Them with a Leaf Blower

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  • Beekeeping seems like an honest profession. They work with nature, they make something tangible and delicious, and they get to wear funny suits. All good things. The only problem, for some people at least, with being a beekeeper is having to deal with, well, bees. Comedians Rhett and Link, hosts of Good Mythical Morning, are curious about beekeeping. If the YouTube comedy racket falls through, these guys are going to need another job. Is beekeeping right for them? Click to find out.

    Or you can just guess, actually. The answer is no. Beekeeping is not right for them. Rhett is apparently terrified of bees, and Link is coerced into wearing a beard of hundreds (and hundreds!) of bees. Said beard is then removed from his face with the help of a leaf blower. So, it was an educational time at the bee farm, certainly. But we doubt they’ll be back any time soon.

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