Check Out This Doorless, Non-Stop, Definitely Not Terrifying Elevator

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  • We love learning weird, new things here at What’s Trending. We’re also kind of weird about elevators. So it’s with excitement and a little terror that we bring you the paternoster: an elevator that never stops and has no doors. Aaahhh-some.

    If you haven’t heard of the paternoster elevator, that’s because there aren’t many of them left. And there weren’t terribly many of them in the first place. They’re inaccessible, hard to maintain, and slightly more dangerous than a normal elevator. They also don’t really have any advantages, except maybe they look kind of cool. In YouTuber Tom Scott‘s latest episode of “Thing You Might Not Know”, he takes a ride on a paternoster in Britain’s University of Sheffield Arts Tower. Check it out, and remember: don’t go over the top!

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