Thinkin Bout This Game of Thrones Thug Joint

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    Blackity Black Black! Yo son, y’all want a Game of Thrones recap? Nah man, nah. You want a Game of Thrones recap as told by a muhfuggin thug, B? You know what I mean, dawg. All y’all white muhfuggahs sittin’ at work, doing ya social media or what it is cuz, and you want to see summin funny as fuck.

    You love Game of Thrones, I know you strong to dat shit, son. And you love when black people talk like real muhfuggin thugs – dat shit’s funny.

    Hey, I ain’t callin’ you out! I feel that shit. It’s funny man like when my boy Sam Jackson say motherfucker or when some poor black dude in the ghetto get all gregarious ‘n shit on da local news. It’s like, “yo, there’s people like dat in my country and they talk silly and stupid man but they cool, you feel me?” I feel you, dawg. I feel you. Blackity black. Don’t feel bad.

    Lemme just ask you something though, cuz. Would you share dat video with a black homie? Sumthin bout that don’t seem right, right? I mean, I can’t put a muhfuggin digit on it, feel? Just feels, I dunno, like it’s a unfair representation or some shit. What I know, though? Get caught up on the Starks and Lannisters ‘n shit. And that Khaleesi! She fine.

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