When Bey Goes Vegan

The Internet broke over Beyoncé's announcement that she has embraced the vegan diet.
By Audrey Coates
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Beyoncé is one of the largest celebrities worldwide and is known for her smokin’ hot physique and her confidence…I mean, did you see her at the Met Gala?! What people don’t realize is that even though we all place Queen B on a pedestal, it does not mean she doesn’t have normal human insecurities. People have a very personal and emotional connection to food, and the idea of a “diet” makes a lot of people cringe. As a fellow vegan, I one-hundred percent support Beyoncé’s decision to take the plunge, but I do not agree with the way she announced her choice.

    My problem with the word “diet” is that it is a short term mindset – in other words, a temporary solution to a long term “goal.” Beyoncé’s wording of going towards the vegan “diet” just to lose weight was a bit unsettling to me. Being vegan is a lifestyle. In fact, any way that you choose to eat is a lifestyle, whether you are a full on carnivore, fruitarian, pescetarian…food is probably the most important and most overlooked decision that people make multiple times a day.

    Now, it is a popular belief that veganism is overly restrictive because it doesn’t “allow” one to eat certain food. Clearly all vegans can basically eat is grass, right? And everyone who is vegan is a twig because they only eat healthy, right? Wrong. What I love about Beyoncé’s announcement is that she portrays a variety of health options and benefits of veganism, but she lacks the emphasis that it is affordable – let’s face it, the food industry wants to make us mere mortals who aren’t Beyoncé believe that chips and frozen pizza are the only affordable items in the grocery store.

    No one truly knows how Beyoncé feels in her own skin except for Beyoncé, and if going to the vegan lifestyle is a choice that helps her feel more confident, vibrant and healthy, then the Beyhive should be applauding her.