Jerry Seinfeld Rants About Political Correctness on “Late Night”

Seinfeld: "There's a creepy PC thing out there that really bothers me."
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Are you a millennial? Do you think people should be sensitive to the lives of others and consider alternate viewpoints when you talk? Well then, Jerry Seinfeld has some things to say to you. Sitting in with Seth Meyers on Late Night, Seinfeld went off on what he considers rampant political correctness hysteria.

    “There’s a creepy PC thing out there that really bothers me,” Seinfeld told Meyers. He also shared a joke about gay French kings that he claimed would be unacceptable to the tender youth of today.

    Seinfeld spoke about the scourge of political correctness over the weekend. In an interview with ESPN, Seinfeld said “They [millennials] just want to use these words: ‘that’s racist’, ‘that’s sexist’, ‘that’s prejudice.'”

    “They don’t know what the f*ck they’re talking about,” Seinfeld said.