How Do Americans Look to Foreigners?

Students at an international school in Japan give tips for spotting Americans
By Bailey Johnson
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  • The United States of America is the best damn country on Earth. We’re tougher, braver, and freer than any place else out there. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves. What do people from other countries think about those of us from the red, white and blue? A student at Japan’s Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University asked other international students what they think about when they think about Americans. The answers were… varied. Let’s just say the word “big” came up a lot, and not necessarily in a nice way.

    Okay, sure, America has a bit of an obesity epidemic. But we’re other things too! Other words that kept coming up in the interviews are “loud”, “confident” and “jolly”. And of course, there’s that distinctive American aroma.

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