John Oliver Appeared on Trinidadian Television to Blast FIFA Again

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  • John Oliver continues his campaign of holding international soccer governing body FIFA accountable for its cartoonishly corrupt practices. The Last Week Tonight host has already devoted two segments of his show to highlighting FIFA’s rampant corruption, and last night he took his message international. Oliver’s show bought time on Trinidadian television to deliver a message to Jack Warner, the politician and former FIFA vice-president from Trinidad & Tobago who was one of the senior FIFA members recently indicted on racketeering charges by the U.S. Justice Department. Warner has threatened to release supposedly damning documents exposing the legacy of corruption within FIFA. Oliver’s message was simple, “please do that.”

    Oliver appeared on Trinidad & Tobago’s TV 6, the same channel that Warner appeared on last week when he claimed he had access to the secret documents. Oliver spends much of the video talking directly to Warner, but he also takes time to try out some Trinidadian slang. It goes as well as you might expect John Oliver talking in a Caribbean accent to go. Still, the HBO host is doing good work, continuing to defend soccer from the people responsible for governing soccer worldwide.

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