Stylehaul’s VANITY Follows The Suicide (Murder?) of a Fashion Icon

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    Vanity, the new StyleHaul show presented by Maybelline, opens shortly after the death of Marion Bellerose (Denise Richards), a fashion icon in the midst of a new launch with partner Vanessa Ivy (Karrueche Tran). The two have financial and personal problems – and the borders between one and the other couldn’t be soupier.

    Reporter Lily MacKenzie (Alex Frnka) asks Vanessa: “Who was Marion Bellerose?” In just the first minute of the series, we see the road we will take to answer this question. Like Citizen Kane, we will be getting the answers only from the mouths of those who knew her. Unlike Kane, MacKenzie’s interview subjects may have a good reason to lie.

    Vanity was written and directed by Bernie Su, and he wisely leaves plenty of room in the video description for his staff of wardrobe artists and stylists. They are among Vanity‘s many personalities. As long as Maybelline is footing the bill, that makes sense.

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