Watch the Trailer for Will Ferrell’s Lifetime Movie “A Deadly Adoption”

Starring Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, this is an actual movie that is actually airing on Lifetime this month
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Remember on April 1st when it was reported that Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were working on a Lifetime movie together, and everyone was like, “duh, April Fool’s. Try harder, Will and Kristen.”? Well it turns out the movie is really happening. Check out the teaser trailer for A Deadly Adoption above.

    Without much to go on in the trailer, it looks like Ferrell and Wiig are playing it pretty straight. They’re playing “a successful couple” who presumably get more than they bargained for when they invite an attractive pregnant woman (Jessica Lownes) into their home. Is some sort of overwrought seduction and betrayal in the works in what seems like an idyllic home? Probably! Do we have any idea if this is going to be a joke or a straight Lifetime movie? Nope! A Deadly Adoption airs on Lifetime Saturday, June 20th.