James Corden Turned His Audience Into Memes

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  • Are great memes born, or made? Does the Internet allow the weirdest, funniest, most secretly insightful memes to rise to the top, or can you just slap some impact font on a persons face and call it a meme? We don’t know, though we suspect the truly world-conquering memes are born in unlikely places. (Who ever thought Nyan Cat would be viewed hundreds of millions of time?) Over at The Late Late Show, James Corden spent a segment of his show last night trying to make memes happen. More specifically, he tried to turn his audience members into memes. How’d that go? Check out the video above!

    In a bit called “The Meming of Life”, Corden asked members of the audience to give their best reaction faces to meme-able pieces of text. Some of them were spot on. Some of them were… not. Hey, they’re not professional actors. Just regular people with text over their face. Perhaps that’s the truest meme of all.

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