Why Does Hollywood Churn Out Remakes? (Besides Money, Of Course)

Idea Channel looks into the psychology that fuels remakes of popular entertainment. Also money is a factor.
By Bailey Johnson
  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • The obvious answer to why Hollywood constantly releases remakes is money. Cash. Dollar dollar bills, y’all. Did you see how much The Avengers made? So much money! For a cutthroat, risk-averse business like movie making, it only makes sense to bet on sure things and established properties. No one has even mentioned Mad Max’s name in the past twenty years, and suddenly he’s 2015’s hottest action hero. But are there other reasons behind the glut of entertainment remakes in recent years? The good folks at PBS Idea Channel have some ideas on the subject. As does Simon Pegg, who provides a major argument for the idea that remakes are about more than money. Check out the video above.