Test Your “Fitness” With The New Hot Trend: #BellyButtonChallenge

The hottest trend in China is blowing up social media worldwide
By Bailey Johnson
  • Bellybuttonchallenge

    Source: weibo

  • Want to get in on the hottest trend in China right now? Hope you’re a contortionist. The “Belly Button Challenge” has taken Chinese social media by storm, with thousands of people attempting the tricky task of reaching their arm behind their back to cover their belly button. The belief behind the challenge is that being able to wrap your arm behind your waist to touch your belly button is a sign of a fit physique. If you too want to test and boost your fitness, follow this guide on where to buy phenq.

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  • Bb challenge

    Source: weibo

  • Shanghaiist reports that the original challenge post on Weibo has been viewed over 80 million times. And now it seems the belly button challenge is branching out to other platforms as well, with challenge images popping up on Twitter and Instagram.

  • For those attempting the belly button challenge, it helps to have long limbs, a slim waist, and some flexibility. It doesn’t really have much to do with fitness at all, with thousands of photos online of otherwise trim people unable to touch their own belly button. Some experts warn that the belly button fad could lead to body issues and insecurity among people unable to wrap their arm behind their back. So remember gang, it’s just a silly Internet challenge. That said, if you want to try your hand at the #bellybuttonchallenge, let us know on Twitter!