Australian Dudes Set World Record With This Insane Trick Shot

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  • Trick shots are an established, esteemed genre of Internet video. Dudes tossing basketballs from bridges. Dudes tossing basketballs from the tops of stadiums. There are plenty of awesome trick shot videos out there. But if you want to see the world record for the highest basketball shot ever made, you need to watch the video above.

    Australian trick shot team How Ridiculous are in the Guinness Book of World Records for this incredible bucket off the top of a dam. The Gordon Dam in Tasmania stands 415 feet tall. The How Ridiculous boys set up a basketball hoop at the bottom and tossed a ball from the top. The result is this awesome, record-breaking trick shot that’s nothing but net. How Ridiculous owned the record two years ago when they made a shot from a different dam only 200 feet tall. Doubling their own record and setting a world record all in one bucket. That’s impressive.

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