Smash Mouth Singer Freaks Out At Bread-Throwing Audience

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  • It’s the least hardcore rock concert brawl in the history of rock concert brawls — people at a family friendly food festival throwing bread at Smash Mouth.

    The goofy 90s band, which in fact still exists and books shows sometimes, was playing at the Taste of Fort Collins festival and launching into “All Star” (you know, that song from the hit movie “Mystery Men”? Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofolo? anybody?) when people started hurling bread at lead singer Steve Harwell. Because they had entire loaves of bread with them apparently. (One of the vendors was handing them out.)

    Harwell doesn’t seem to appreciate free bread so much, because he immediately lost it and started threatening to beat people up. “You throw one more piece of shit on the fucking stage, I’m gonna come find your ass. And I’m gonna beat your ass.”

    He then dared the culprits to come onstage for a public fistfight, called them a “pussy punk bitch” — in front of children! — and tried to jump into the crowd to go find them, all while the band awkwardly played the song’s peppy intro over and over.

    The crowning moment was when the crowd started singing “All Star” by themselves and the band just went with it, leaving Harwell to stand there sulking on stage like a giant dork. Eventually he was forced to join in and pick up the chorus.

    Fun times for the whole family.

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