How To Live To 100: “Drink a Lot of Booze!”

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  • The secret to a long life? “Drink a lot of booze!” says Pauline Spagnola — and she just turned 100, so she would know.

    This awesome lady from Plains Township, Pennsylvania was interviewed by local news station WNEP at her 100th birthday party, celebrated with her friends at Golden Living East Mountain Center.

    Asked about how she has lived to such a ripe old age, she didn’t hesitate — lots and lots of alcohol, and from the sound of it, a good sense of humor. Finally, some health advice the internet can get behind.

    Obviously rampant alcoholism is not a good idea, but Pauline might be onto something here. One study showed that abstaining from alcohol increased the risk of dying among participants aged 55-65, and heavy drinkers actually lived longer.

    Whatever the case, my new goal is to be this woman in sixty-odd years, enjoying life and getting tipsy.

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