These Gentlemen Are Playing a Very Unique Game of Frisbee

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  • That’s not how you play Frisbee, dudes! This video is titled, “Bosnian guys playing Frisbee”. With that in mind, we have a few questions. Are there no Frisbee in Bosnia? Have these men never seen a ‘bee before? Obviously someone knows what a Frisbee is, or they wouldn’t film this hilarious interaction. Maybe the men just got bored of tossing a Frisbee the right way and wanted to try something new? Are they trying to show off to passersby? Is anyone going to stop them from their destructive course of action? Is this how all Europeans throw Frisbees? It’s just some weird European thing? Like Nutella?

    We have no idea. Anyway, here are some weirdos playing Frisbee wrong.

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