All Pucks Must Die: Hockey Puck vs Thermite

We learn once again that hockey pucks are invincible
By Bailey Johnson
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  • At this point, we have to assume that hockey pucks are invincible. We’ve seen a hockey puck laugh off the mighty red hot nickel ball. Now we have this showdown: hockey puck vs. thermite. Will the simple puck finally meet its match in the ultra-hot burning thermite? Only one way to find out. Science!

    Thermite burns at around 4500 degrees. Enough to melt metal. But not enough to hockey pucks! As you can see after the experiment, the puck is definitely singed. Compared to the minor dent the red hot nickel ball put into a puck, this is progress. But the puck is still intact. At this point, we’re thinking they might as well start making tanks out of hockey pucks. These things are indestructible! But we’re sure YouTuber carsandwater will eventually find a way to best his new nemesis.