Super Strong Meter Maid Pranks New York City

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  • Lovely Rita, meter maid. When it gets dark she’ll tow your heart away. But if you piss her off, she might just pick up your car and toss it aside. That’s the idea behind this prank, where a frustrated traffic cop shows off her strength. Professional pranksters Thinkmodo rigged a regular-looking New York City taxi, putting all its weight in the back of the vehicle, and making it super light.Take this special prank-mobile, add in a fake feud between a taxi driver and a meter maid, set up some hidden cameras, and watch the fun begin.

  • The clip — like more videos created by Thinkmodo — is part of a marketing campaign. We’re not sure what Car Lister has to do with Meter Hulks, but good for them.

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