Someone Replaced the Dinos in “Jurassic World” with Wiener Dogs

Beware the Weenie-saurus Rex
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Have you seen Jurassic World yet? Probably. Seems like everyone on the planet went out to see the record-breaking blockbuster. It’s a good movie. The dinosaurs are suitably terrifying. Chris Pratt is impossibly charming as always. But doesn’t it feel like the film was missing something? Something much smaller, furrier, and wiener-shaped? What we’re asking is: where are the dachshunds? Well, fear not, Jurassic Weenie is here to show us what Jurassic World could have been.

    Is it as scary as the original? No. Was anyone actually asking for a dachshund version of Jurassic World? Are we excited anyway because the two dogs in this parody — Bazooka and Helicopter — are adorable and have awesome names? Yes!