Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Full Terminator in Wax Museum Prank

The ol' celebrity-pretends-to-be-wax-statue prank, works every time
By Bailey Johnson
  • Visitors to Madam Tussaud’s want to see celebrities up close. That’s what the incredibly life-like wax statues of famous figures are for. But how do they react when one of the wax celebrities turns out to be an actual celebrity? It depends on the celebrity, probably. Running into the adorable Judy Greer would be a very different experience from what visitor to Madam Tussaud’s museum in Los Angeles recently: Arnold Schwarzenegger in full on Terminator mode.

    The actor-turned-governor-turned-actor-again was on hand to scare the pants off of paying customers. Hey, you want a brush with celebrity? Better be ready for a T-101 Terminator to be up in your face.