Tyler Oakley Starts #TraumaAtChipotle Trend

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  • Food-wise, it’s been a long week here at What’s Trending. There’s been alleged deep-fried rats at KFC, spiders have been bursting out of bananas, and we’re all still recovering from getting Taco Bell in celebration of the taco emoji.

    So when we saw #TraumaAtChipotle hit the top five trending topics on Twitter this afternoon, we immediately thought a severed finger had turned up in a Burrito Bowl or something.

    But no. No, it turns out everyone was panicking because Tyler Oakley found a cockroach on his shirt while he was sitting OUTSIDE the restaurant. Outside. Where bugs tend to live.

    Apparently Tyler was hanging out at Chipotle with some buddies when his friend noticed a cockroach on his shirt. Tyler started screaming, maybe almost fainted and is still recovering from the trauma.

    The resulting video went viral so quickly that a Chipotle PR representative had to personally tweet him from their official account to see if there had been a gross health and safety violation at one of their restaurants. But there hadn’t, because once again, Tyler was sitting outside at the time of the cockroach incident, not in the actual restaurant.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • We are both cringing along with our good friend Tyler over finding a cockroach on his shirt (omg so gross) and also entertained that this became such a big drama.

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