Watch This Bear Climb a Rock Wall

We knew bears were climbers, but this is ridiculous
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Let’s discuss some of the questions brought up by this video of bears climbing a vertical cliff. The first question is the most obvious: WHAT!? Bears can do that? Apparently they can. Bears are skilled climbers and regularly scamper up trees to catch prey or avoid competition. Presumably there isn’t a great deal of difference between climbing a tree and climbing a rock wall. Second question: Where are these bears going? The obvious answer is “up”, but that doesn’t really answer the question. Sadly there isn’t enough context in the video — titled “OMG !! What is BEAR Doing”, which is an A+ headline if we’ve ever seen one — to determine where these bears are roaming. Perhaps there’s a delicious picnic basket at the top of the cliff? Maybe the bears didn’t realize what a huge ordeal it would be to scale the rock wall?

    Again, more questions than answers. But it sure does look cool! Go get ’em, climbing bears!