Let’s Learn How to Make a Stone Axe from Scratch

Mandatory information for anyone hoping to survive the post-apocalypse
By Bailey Johnson
  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Here at What’s Trending, we’re all about the latest and greatest on the web. We’re social media junkies and tech-heads, we’re tied to our phones all day, we’re basically slaves to Twitter. All that to say, we love modern life, but don’t really know much about real world survival skills. (This is true of the majority of bloggers. If we were ever forced to survive in a post-apocalypse, we’d be boned.) So that’s why this video is so cool! Using nothing but stones and wood, the skilled survivalist in the above clip fashions a working stone axe, also known as a celt. It’s the total opposite of high-tech, but it’s effective.

    The YouTube channel appropriately named Primitive Technology is the source of this celt. So far the only tutorials are for celts and thatch huts. Hopefully they’ll be able to knock out a few more videos before the Robot Apocalypse wipes out civilization as we know it and forces us poor bloggers outdoors.