This is the Greatest and Best Badminton Play in the World

We're not exactly badminton pros, but this is insane
By Bailey Johnson
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  • If you missed the Yonex US Open Badminton Championship this year (we sure did), you missed a hell of a match. Denmark’s Hans-Kristian Vittinghus faced off against Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei in the finals, held in New York on Sunday. The score was tied 20-20, and then this happened, perhaps the greatest badminton point we have ever seen.

    We’re not exactly students of the game here at What’s Trending, but we’re pretty sure Vittinghus’ between the legs winner doesn’t happen everyday. The announcers sure get pumped about it. And the should, because that shot is insane! If you’re planning any backyard badminton tournaments this summer, you better work on your moves. Because the game just changed.