Carter Reynolds Starts His Own Hashtag to Cover Up Scandal

That's not how hashtags are supposed to work, dude.
By Christine Linnell
  • So #WeLoveYouCarter is trending worldwide on Twitter this morning — because Vine star Carter Reynolds has responded to the scandal over his sexual harassment video by creating his own hashtag and getting his millions of fans to join in, presumably to get all the negative attention out of his Twitter feed.

  • Weloveyoucarter
  • If you haven’t been following this whole mess, first of all congratulations — but basically a video leaked of Reynolds and his ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann, who was underage at the time. Carter pulled down his pants and exposed himself to her (and by extension the whole internet) and when she said “I’m really uncomfortable” he laughed and chanted “Do it! Do it!”


    He later posted this passive-aggressive sort-of apology and complained that people were being mean to him.

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  • Now there are legions of teenaged girls tweeting that they’ll always love and support him and “everybody makes mistakes” and so forth — though the hashtag is rapidly being taken over by people calling him out.

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