Illuminati Scholar “Educates” Random Guy With Trendy Shirt

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  • Wake up, sheeple! You may think it’s cool to wear a tee shirt with the All-Seeing Eye on it, but Illuminati scholar Mark Dice is here to set you straight.

    In this video topping the r/cringe subreddit today, Dice walks up to a random kid on a sidewalk, shoves a microphone in his face and says “I can’t help but notice you’re wearing an Illuminati shirt. Are you, like, pro Illuminati? You think the Illuminati is cool? Would you join the Illuminati?”

    When the grinning kid replies that it’s just a shirt to him and the Illuminati isn’t real anyway, Dice declares that he’s clearly only heard “from your school” about the subject and proceeds to throw random Illuminati catchphrases at him, which everybody knows is how you win a debate.

    He wraps up by saying “You got a little bit of education to do, my friend,” and assigns him homework, and then I don’t know what happens next because I died of secondhand embarrasment and now I’m dead.

    Lest you think this is just some internet weirdo, Mark Dice has actually written books that you can buy on Amazon and has more than 365,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, which also features such gems as “Lady Gaga Admits to Pact with Satan.” Go educate yourselves, everybody.

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