“Street Fighter” Assault Prank CONTROVERSY

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  • Let’s say you’re trapped in a small, enclosed space with a stranger — like an elevator. That stranger begins screaming, gets in you face, and starts punching the wall near your head. Sounds pretty scary, right? Like, definitely a dangerous situation that no one would want to be a part of, right? Wrong! It’s a prank, and therefore it’s harmless and — more importantly — HILARIOUS.

    At least, that’s the mindset that fouseyTUBE probably had when he made the video “Street Fighter Prank”. The video, viewed nearly four million times, features fousey — dressed up as Street Fighter character Ryu — “attacking” strangers in an elevator. It’s… funny? The first woman in the video, who throws her keys and bag at fousey in terror before fleeing as soon as the elevator door opens, probably doesn’t think so. We kind of don’t think so either. As our host Whitney Moore points out, videos that are labeled as “pranks” or “social experiments” are basically a way for people to say “I want to do a thing, and I don’t want to get in trouble for it.”

  • But what do you think? Is pretending to attack someone in an elevator totes hilarious? Does it make you uncomfortable? Let us know!

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