Dollar Beard Club Spoofs the Dollar Shave Club Commercial

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  • It looks like beard enthusiasts are challenging shaving enthusiasts to a face-off (come up with a better pun yourself, I’m busy) with this new commercial from the Dollar Beard Club, a spoof of the Dollar Shave Club, both of which are actual businesses that have facial-hair-related things you can buy.

    It all started with the Dollar Shave Club’s viral commercial showing clean-shaven co-founder Michael Dubin swaggering through a factory declaring their mail-order razors are “fucking great.” (Highly mockable, but keep in mind the company is valued at $615 million, so they know what they’re doing.)

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  • Now we’ve got this commercial for the Dollar Beard Club, which sells oils, conditioners and other beard-care products, featuring THEIR founder Chris with a full beard and without a shirt, stomping through HIS factory while employees make out with chicks and stuff.

    We can only assume the next step is a mail-order moustache-grooming company releasing a commercial that’s just straight-up porn. (BRB copyrighting “Dollar Pornstache Club.”)

    If any women are feeling left out of the whole thing, at least we’ve still got the PooPourri lady.

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