Barbie is a Vlogger Now

Mattel's classic doll is dishing life advice on YouTube
By Bailey Johnson
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  • The hottest new YouTube star is young, blonde, and loves talking about personal style. She’s also plastic, fake, and born in 1959. Mattel’s classic doll, Barbie, now has a YouTube channel. In her first video, uploaded this week, Barbie gives a familiar “10 things about me” run-down that anyone familiar with popular vloggers will recognize.

    We learn some interesting things from this video, which features a CGI Barbie hanging out in her bedroom in Malibu. Apparently Barbie’s family is from Wisconsin? Okay. Also she has three sisters? I see. She loves to sing to herself when doing her homework? Sure thing Barbie, though when you’re not a high schooler, you also part time as a doctor, lawyer, or even astronaut.

    The video itself totally nails the vlogger vibe. Barbie comes off as sincere, excited, and even a little nervous. We can almost forget that this is a CGI video created by a massive corporation to promote a brand. That’s the power of Barbie.