FYI, Don’t Steal Handicapped Parking Spots In Brazil

This driver probably won't be making that dick move again.
By Christine Linnell
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  • Don’t be a jerk and park in handicap parking spots when you’re not handicapped – but especially don’t do that in Brazil.

    This guy had an unpleasant surprise waiting for him after he parked in a handicap zone and left his car unattended for what must have been several hours.

    It was enough time for a group of vigilantes to cover his car in hundreds of blue sticky notes, complete with giant white handicap symbols over the doors just to drive the point home.

    The guy spent a solid minute angrily trying to clear off enough of the paper so he could drive away, while a crowd of onlookers laughed and cheered. He also cut someone off and nearly caused a collision while he was driving away, AND he was given a parking ticket. Just a bad look all around.