Man Parks in Handicapped Spot, Comes Back to THIS

Illegal parker finds car covered in sticky notes protesting his jerk move
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Not taking up a handicapped parking space if you don’t need it must be one of the most sacred rules in civilized society. People jaywalk, cheat on their taxes, even steal — none of it carries the social stigma of taking a handicapped parking spot. Whenever you see someone do it in a movie or TV show, you know that character is supposed to be a jerk. And what about the real life jerks who park where they shouldn’t be parking? Well, sometimes this happens.

    A man — the jerk — illegally parks his car on a busy street in Brazil. He finds his car covered in blue and white post-it notes. You can watch him angrily try to figure out whether to try to drive away, rip them all off, or just have a total meltdown.

    Though this wasn’t some spontaneous mob justice. This was actually a prank orchestrated by a group called Canal BOOM. Still, it’s a great reminder not to break one of society’s most important rules: don’t park in handicapped parking!