The Most Spectacular Summer Fails of 2015

They tell you not to run near the swimming pool for a reason.
By Christine Linnell
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  • We’re deep into summer and there are lots of people hitting the beach or the pool — and a good chunk of those people don’t have a lot of common sense. Whether they’re clumsy, reckless, drunk or some combination of the three, they keep attempting stunts that have so much potential to go horribly wrong.

    Fail Army has put together a compilation of spectacular summer fails, featuring large swimming pools, small swimming pools, kiddie pools, diving boards, water skiing, sand-boarding, water slides and other fun activities that can be very dangerous if not done responsibly.

    Nobody in the video seems to get seriously hurt, so go ahead and laugh at them, feel kinda guilty for laughing that hard, and then promise to never ever try this stuff yourself.