YouTube’s #ProudToLove Video Will Make You Cry

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  • It’s been an emotional day following the Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage is a right guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. With gay marriage now legal across America, YouTube released this video: a tribute to LGBT activists, vlogger, celebrities, and just average people who have been working towards this moment for years. If you haven’t cried already today, get ready for the feels.

    Google’s #ProudToLove campaign runs all of Pride Month. The latest video features popular YouTube stars like Ingrid Nilsen, Tyler Oakley, Kingsley, Hannah Hart, and many more. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen Page, and President Obama also appear. It’s a full-scale assault on our tear ducts as the music rises, lovers embrace, people cheer, partners say “I Do”, and omg… it’s so good. This is such an exciting day.

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