Stephen Colbert Mocks Dissenting Opinions in Gay Marriage Case

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  • The hype machine is building towards Stephen Colbert’s debut as the new host of The Late Show. Colbert and his team are obviously looking forward to getting to work; they’ve already started posting some pretty fantastic videos online. In the latest, Colbert tackles the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. He focuses on the dissenting opinions in the court’s 5-4 decision.

    Like much of the media, Colbert gives Justice Antonin Scalia’s dissent a lot of attention. All the dismissive asides, grouchy notes, and overly long “jokes” get the attention they deserve from Colbert. Scalia wrote that if he ever joined an opinion that opened with as much bombast as Justice Kennedy’s majority, he would “hide my head in a sack”. Colbert reacts, “I could have sworn he was already hiding his head in a flesh-toned cinch sack.”

    Basically, Colbert is on his game. If this is an indication of how Colbert’s monologues will go once he finally kicks off his tenure on The Late Show, color us excited.

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