What Happens When a Master Sushi Chef Tries Budget Sushi?

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  • It’s kind of amazing sushi is as popular and wide spread as it is. Sushi is raw fish and rice, two things that plenty of areas don’t have. And yet you can get sushi everywhere. Someone in Wyoming is eating sushi as we speak. That’s crazy to us! But of course, not all sushi is created equal. Check out this video of master sushi chef Yoya Takahashi trying out budget sushi and giving his professional opinion. Spoilers: Don’t eat the sushi at 7-Eleven.

    Takahashi tries pre-packaged sushi from massive chains like 7-Eleven, Trader Joe’s, and Walgreens. What he discovered will surprise you! Actually, no it won’t. The professional sushi chef concludes that pre-packed sushi isn’t as good as what you can get in a restaurant. In his words, if he was hungry for something and didn’t want to wait, “Generally I would choose a sandwich or a hamburger.”

    This video was created by the fine folks at Buzzfeed Video.

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