Emilia Clarke Has a Perfect Valley Girl Accent

We're like totally buggin' over this spot-on impression.
By Christine Linnell
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • She’s, like, not a queen? Like, she’s totally a Khaleesi you guys?

    Emilia Clarke was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” promoting Terminator: Genisys when she talked about her stay in New Orleans. She needed to go to Home Depot at 3am to buy an air conditioner because her house was haunted (long story), but she was worried she’d be recognized. So she put on an American accent – specifically a spot-on Valley Girl accent that will cause you to never look at Daenerys Targaryen the same way again.

    Where did she learn this important skill? “I, like, LOVE Clueless.”