Shirtless Shia LaBeouf Loves America

Actor/Artist visited Mt. Rushmore this week and couldn't contain his patriotism
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Shia LaBeouf is many things — an actor, an artist, a motivational speaker, a rhyme-stealing freestyle rapper. But more than anything, Shia LaBeouf is a patriot. The rat tailed-star visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota this week, and the video evidence makes it clear that LaBeouf loves America. We can tell, because he won’t stop shouting “America!” in this clip.

    TMZ found this video of a shirtless Shia and his posse approaching the monument. As they walk towards the carved faces of some of this country’s greatest presidents, LaBeouf is overcome with patriotic spirit.

    “America!” He shouts. “America! America!”

    An elderly lady allegedly asked American Hero Shia LaBeouf to tone it down. He reportedly responded by claiming he was a Marine and asking her on a date. Claiming you’re a member of the armed forces a week before Independence Day may not be totally cool with the founding fathers. But they’d probably cut him a break after watching his enthusiasm for this great country. America!