Lil Dicky Gets Freaky in Live “Lemme Freak” Performance

As part of our #AskArtists series, the comic rapper gave a special show for What's Trending. It got wild.
By Bailey Johnson
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  • “Normally I would take my shorts off and do it in my underwear, this chorus,” Lil Dicky told the crowd during his performance of “Lemme Freak” as part of What’s Trending’s #AskArtists series. “But I feel way to real about it.”

    That was the vibe at YouTube Space LA, when we threw a private concert for Lil Dicky. We teamed up with DASH Radio and MyDiveo for the special show. But we had no idea it was going to get so… freaky.

    One lucky (?) fan got the full Lil Dicky treatment. During the chorus for “Lemme Freak”, Dicky gave an impromptu lap dance to a fan he pulled on stage. Like all things Dicky does, it was weird, funny, and so comically over-sexual that it just turned goofy.

    “Did you finish?” He asks the fan while still in her lap.

    “No.” She replies.

    “Yeah, me neither.”

    Then he gave her a bouquet. Because even though he likes to get freaky, Lil Dicky is a true gentleman.

    His album “Professional Rapper” debuts on July 31.