Why Disney Marriages Never Work (Spoiler: Women LOL)

Are we making fun of Disney princesses again because I have opinions.
By Christine Linnell
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  • I’m a grown woman and I still can’t resist a “Beauty and the Beast” discussion. When Disney re-released the 1991 animated film with a new scene that revealed the Beast didn’t know how to read, I ranted about it for weeks. (Books were the first thing Belle and the Beast connected over and now you’re telling me he’s illiterate?! This is bullshit!)

    So of course this new video from Cracked.com caught my attention. It imagines the Beast, now human again, dealing with a kingdom that is reluctant to pay taxes to a feudal lord who disappeared for ten years, and servants who are no longer singing dancing furniture and have salaries that need to be paid. Meanwhile Belle has grown bored with her marriage and doesn’t understand why he has to work all the time, and she wants him to bring some magic back into their relationship. Which … okay, that’s one way to look at it…

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  • On the one hand it’s always fun to point out the plot holes in the movie — like how the Beast turned 21 in the movie, and he was cursed ten years ago, meaning he was an eleven-year-old orphan alone in the castle when a creepy old lady asked to come inside in exchange for a flower. Pretty harsh to turn him into a beast for turning her away and being a bit rude.

    But as the AV Club points out, portraying Belle as a nagging wife who doesn’t understand where money comes from? Come on, she’s way smarter than that. She reads constantly, I’m sure she’s run across basic economic theory.

    Girls who grew up watching Disney princesses can be surprisingly opinionated on the subject, is what I’m getting at.