Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem on Public Access TV

Colbert's new CBS show isn't quite ready, so he hung out in Monroe, Michigan for a while.
By Christine Linnell
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  • Stephen Colbert is so eager to get back on TV that he took over a public access TV show in Michigan called “Only in Monroe.” Who needs a fancy set, live studio audience or on-screen graphics when you can watch Colbert deadpan about local news and interview Eminem.

    While the set for his new CBS late-night program is being built, Colbert “decided to head over to Monroe, Michigan, look around, and give it a Michi-gander.” The local access channel was the perfect place “to binge-watch 2014 city council meetings. Spoiler alert: don’t get too attached to that free parking on Cass Street. It doesn’t end well.”

    During the 41-minute show, he performed live spots for local restaurants, talked to local newsmakers, and scored an interview with Eminem (who appears at the 22 minute mark).