Arrogant Cat Steals Spotlight in Woman’s Yoga Video

Cats: plopping themselves wherever they want, regardless of where the camera is
By Bailey Johnson
  • You work hard. You put in the time, keeping in shape, training your body. Finally, you’re ready to show the world how much work you’ve put into yoga. You’re ready to show off your headstand. And then you’re frickin’ cat has to get in front of the camera and ruin the shot!

    What’s the deal with your cat anyway? Is he really, as the Internet is calling him, “Arrogant Cat”? Or is he just doing exactly what cats do: laying around somewhere inconvenient? Could it be this photobombing feline is actually helping you reach more people with your yoga video? Maybe you’re the arrogant one!

    Haha, no. It’s the cat. All cats are arrogant. We love this video, though!