The Rock vs. Kevin Hart: INSTAGRAM SHOWDOWN!

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  • The Rock and Kevin Hart are in Boston shooting the new comedy “Central Intelligence,” about a mild-mannered guy who connects with an old friend on Facebook, only to be pulled into the dangerous world of international espionage. (Fun Game: Guess who plays the frightened accountant and who plays the super-spy!)

    Early Thursday morning, shooting was interrupted when a smoky smell was reported on set, and the Boston Fire Department showed up. So Kevin and Dwayne (you don’t mind if I call you Dwayne, right?) did what any savvy social media-minded entertainment-type personalities would do in that situation: Instagrammed it!

    The only catch: The guys keep popping up in one another’s videos. (You can see them both side by side in the link above.)

    Yeah, yeah, you’re right, it’s definitely staged. But their face-off is still pretty funny, and a clever kind of meta-way to goof around on the platform.

    Instagram has actually become a significant pastime for both actors on the “Central Intelligence” set. (One thing about making action movies… there’s a lot of down time. I mean, so I’ve heard. I’ve only starred in 4 or 5 of them.)

    Here’s a clip from just last week of the guys killing time on set together.

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