John Oliver Covers 15 Topics in One Minute

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  • Like most of America, John Oliver took it easy on Fourth of July weekend. His show, Last Week Tonight, is best known for taking long looks at specific topics, regularly spending fifteen to twenty minutes on a single issue — whether that’s the cartoonishly corrupt FIFA organization, or America’s pathetic treatment of mothers. But in this web eclusive video, Oliver tries something different. Instead of spending fifteen minutes on one topic, why not cover fifteen topics in one minute? Clock’s ticking, here we go!

    During this minute-long lightning round, Oliver touches on everything from the food chain (“Only safe if you’re on top”) to orgies (“Only safe if you’re on top”) to the fact that… Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz are cousins? Huh. Well played, Oliver. You actually taught us something in your rambling — and hilarious — minute.

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