Meet Japan’s Newest Metal Band and Their Insane First Song

Ladybaby sings about delicious Japanese pastries, with the help of their cross-dressing lead singer
By Bailey Johnson
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  • There’s not really a Western equivalent to what you’re about to watch. This is Ladybaby, a Japanese girl metal band. Except it’s a very J-Pop style of metal. The song is about Japanese pastries. Also the lead singer is a dude. Named Ladybeard. Have you clicked play yet? Because it’s incredible.

    “Nippon Manju” is the name of this bizarre banger. The girls sing about how great it is living in Japan, where you can always find delicious sweets to eat. Ladybeard spends most of the time rattling off cities and locations around the country. It’s a beautiful mess of kawaii nonsense.

    Of course, Ladybaby aren’t the first act to showcase this particular genre of music. If you want original “kawaii metal” goodness, you have to go to the fantastic Babymetal. Check it out. And step up your game, rest of the world.

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